3 Hour Tour | Podium Audio

Dee Sanders

3 Hour Tour

Book 1

By: LP Snyder

Performed by: Andrew Tell

Released: April 20, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 34 min

Stranded on a desert island, friendship is the first thing to go.
But can Dee Sanders survive without it? He just wanted a nice vacation, but the cruise he and his friends took turns into a disaster. Now, after a rogue wave and a harrowing night, they’re on a beach with few options. Will a power struggle threaten their chance for rescue? 
The island isn’t just sunshine, coconuts, and palm trees. It holds secrets and dangers, but the biggest peril may come from within their group. Can they stick together? Will Dee be a loner or a leader? How will they get off the island?



LP Snyder

LP Snyder is a life-long reader who, at the last minute, decided to become a writer. It's been a great experience, and he wonders why it took so long to decide! Having read a little of most genres, LP decided to stick with his favorites-adventure, espionage, and crime thrillers! If you like fast-paced, humorous, action-filled, suspense thrillers, he's your Huckleberry!



Andrew Tell