A Bar Room Brawl on Ganymede | Podium Audio

Blood Empire

A Bar Room Brawl on Ganymede

Book 0.5

By: Robert Scanlon

Performed by: Hillary Huber

Released: January 19, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 01 hr, 28 min

A gambling debt gone wrong, and a pirate captain on the trail of her father’s killer. Desperate to close a black-market helium three deal, India "Indy" Jackson arrives on Ganymede already in dispute with the Jovian Mafia. She needs money to track down who killed her father, but her ship’s pilot suddenly disappears, and Indy is left to her own devices to deal with her shady contact. Everything comes to a head in one of Ganymede’s sleaziest districts, and she is faced with a choice: find her pilot and close the deal, or cut her losses and flee to safety. Indy never was one to run away. Discover one of Indy Jackson’s early escapades on her journey to Galactic infamy! A Blood Empire Prequel Novella.



Robert Scanlon



Hillary Huber