A Betrayal of Storms | Podium Audio

Realm of Fey

A Betrayal of Storms

Book 1

By: Ben Alderson

Performed by: Joel Leslie

Released: August 23, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 2 min

Wychwood–the realm of the fey–prepares for war against the humans who hate, hunt and kill them for coin.
Aided by the unclaimed, destructive power of the murdered and forgotten Winter Court, they ready their numbers for complete domination of the human realm.
Until Robin Vale reveals himself to be the last Icethorn heir: a hope for the humans he has grown up amongst, but to the detriment of many who would see him dead before ruining their years of preparation.
Robin finds allies during his discovery of a realm he has long since feared: Erix, a fey warrior who aids as a distraction during the long nights, and Althea, a stern princess hellbent on stopping the human hunters from killing her kind.
Thrust into a world of betrayal, murder and lies, he must survive long enough to make the choice: listen to fate and claim his family’s power, or let it wreak havoc on a realm that turned its back on him for becoming who he was truly meant to be.
A dark evil is brewing, monsters have returned, and the scales of power are being forced by a hand who longs for revenge.



Ben Alderson

Ben Alderson is known best for turning fantasy stories gay. He grew up in Berkshire, England where he drowned in his love for reading.. Turning a love into a hobby, then into a queer, Ben wishes to write stories in hopes that readers, like him, find a safe place to hide from the real world. He enjoys- reading, traveling, greek food, music, and anything fantastical.



Joel Leslie