A Necessary Heresy | Podium Audio

Instrument of Omens

A Necessary Heresy

Book 3

By: Davis Ashura

Performed by: Nick Podehl

Released: May 31, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 21 hr, 50 min

Prophesized heroes are reborn. The burden they bear is as terrible as it is necessary.
The dead city of Mahadev. In 3,000 years, none who have entered those ageless walls have returned to bear word of what evil lurks within. And yet it is there that Cinder and Anya must journey. A hard road with mysteries and dangers abounding.
And the greatest of those perils is imprisoned within the ruined temple at the very center of the necropolis’ dark heart. There, Cinder and Anya are given insight into the terrifying truth the world faces. It is an evil so vast that even the dark god Shet must bow before its will. It is the bringer of apocalypse, the ender of civilizations. If ever freed, the world will be helpless before its horrific power.
Forging an alliance all would have rather avoided, Cinder and Anya have no choice but to work with Shet to take on this greater enemy. Worse, it is a pact that will see them give away that which they hold most precious.



Davis Ashura

I am the author of the award-winning Castes and the OutCastes series and the Chronicles of William Wilde, both of which take place in my Anchored Worlds universe. So does my latest series, Instrument of Omens. I write books that are best described as noblebright, and they reflect my Indian heritage.



Nick Podehl