A Sinful Mind | Podium Audio

A Sinful Mind

By: Kendra Necole

Performed by: Myles Washington, Trei Taylor

Released: December 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 35 min

As a rapper who hasn’t been lost to the gimmick of autotunes and meaningless lyrics, Sinful K stays true to himself.
With just sixteen bars, he can grab the attention of millions all across the world. While everyone hears what they consider dope music, Sinful is simply trying to escape past traumas by getting lost in his music. However, there is no amount of money or fame that could extinguish the pain and torture he’s endured. The music only brings him peace for moments in time… what he desires is for his mind, body, and spirit to be on one accord, permanently.
Mary Lamb has been sheltered and controlled by her overbearing grandmother who believes the only way to live is without sin. At thirty, she doesn’t have a voice and has never lived life on her own terms. After connecting with Sinful, she discovers the peace and freedom she had longed for her entire life.
Coming from two different worlds, they have two different outlooks on life… and the same opinion of each other. Needless to say, there are no immediate sparks. But after letting their guards down, the judgment is let go, too, and they find solace in their budding friendship. Soon, things turn romantic… but will it last? Or will they find that what they had was just a moment in time?
Cover art by Woodson Creative Studio.



Kendra Necole

Kendra Necole, a Washington, D.C. native, and a lover of words, started her journey reading and majoring in Education. Making a difference in children’s lives is something that is near and dear to Kendra’s heart. She believes every child deserves the right to quality education, no matter of their social or economic status in the world.    Escaping deep within the pages her favorite fiction novels is how Kendra balance her home, work, and schooling schedule. And in addition to her love of reading and educating, writing has always been an escape as well. Finally mastering the demands of what a successful path should look like, Kendra took to putting her all into writing. Once she realized her dreams didn’t have to be limited by boxes and parameters other set, Kendra buckled down and penned her first novel in the Urban Romance genre. Releasing Twisted Off That Cali Love in 2020, Kendra was immediately able to see the fruits of her labor. Her first novel topped number one on the Amazon charts, and she followed that release up with top charting books with her signature style.   Knowing that she doesn’t have to choose one path to walk, Kendra now focuses on her career as an Author, all while continuing to stay dedicated to her passion as an Educator. Kendra embodies, hard work, loving life, and remaining true to herself.



Myles Washington



Trei Taylor

Trei (tree) Taylor is a highly skilled expert vocalist and voice over talent with a combined 25 plus years as a professional singer and voice over talent . Her specialty areas include vocal performance including jingles, and live musical performance along with narration, audio production, imaging, copywriting, and more. Trei's professional niche areas include, news narration, commercials, jingles, radio imaging, e-learning, and audio books. Trei is an award winning voice over talent, in 2021 her work with the University of Florida Health System as the voice of Dr. Alex was named invention of the year helping patients with Colorectal Screenings. Trei is a 2 time Amazon Best Selling Audio Narrator, in 2020 for her narration of -Narcissistic Mothers How To Handle A Narcissistic Parent And Recover From CPTSD by Caroline Foster, and in 2019 her narration of -"Dirty Tactics"also made Amazon's Best Seller list on Audible.