A Summer's Snow | Podium Audio

War Priest

A Summer’s Snow

Book 3

By: Harmon Cooper

Performed by: Travis Baldree

Released: December 27, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 52 min

Arik has the legendary weapons he needs, but will they be enough?
Even with the Whispering Sword and the Mask of the Fallen, Arik still isn’t strong enough to take on the southern warlord threatening the entire continent. To reach his goal, Arik will need to master the art of using two weapons. But progression is never easy, especially with newfound enemies and the erratic behavior of his illusionist companion.
Heading west, Arik hopes to reconvene with a former teacher through spiritual means. If it’s possible, he will have a fighting chance. If not, Arik will need to find another way to grow his skill. While the legend of the War Priest continues to guide his journey, the esoteric nature of the legend has left him at a dead end. Arik may need to change course.
Deepening his study of chi, Arik discovers aspects of his power that are brand new to him. How far can he push the power? And if he reaches a new level, will they be detrimental for him in the end?
A showdown is coming, one that Arik can’t avoid. He may be an unlikely hero, but he is the best chance the continent has of avoiding war.
Leap into an epic journey that merges Eastern cultivation and progression fantasy, where infinite possibilities can be realized if one can master their understanding of chi. From Harmon Cooper, author of the instant bestseller Pilgrim, comes a Japanese mythology-inspired story for fans of Inuyasha, Demon Slayer, and Ghost of Tsushima. What starts as a harrowing coming-of-age story morphs into a journey of growth through multiclassing and mastering various combat techniques as Arik rises from the ashes to seize his destiny.



Harmon Cooper

Harmon Cooper is a bestselling author of LitRPG and progression fantasy, including the Pilgrim, Cowboy Necromancer, and War Priest series. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, he lived in Asia for five years before settling in New England.



Travis Baldree