A Tower in Space-Time | Podium Audio

The Stasis Stories

A Tower in Space-Time

Book 5

By: Laurence Dahners

Performed by: André Blake

Released: July 06, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 7 min

The company that Arya Vaii and Gunnar Schmidt founded to commercially develop Arya’s time-stopping discovery is making money hand over fist.
Currently, their profits come from their use of the phenomenal physical properties of a time-stopped segment of space-time to build rockets. But now, they’re building their space tower. Taking off at a 30-degree angle from Eastern Virginia, it’s 200 kilometers long and 100 kilometers high. By placing the interior of their spacecraft—and its passengers—in stasis, they can accelerate launches at 15 gravities, reaching orbital speeds before the craft leaves the rail. This lets them put payloads in orbit for a thousand times lower cost than a rocket.
The world, and some unscrupulous people, are turning to Kaem and his company to further our exploitation of orbital space.



Laurence Dahners

Laury Dahners lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and enjoys writing science fiction, composing/recording music and painting. His stories have a positive outlook on scientific progress, looking on it as something that makes the world better rather than resulting in various dystopias. Generally, they start with a "what if" question, for instance in the case of the Stasis Stories, what if someone invented a way to pause time within a given volume of space-time. Sure, this kind of stasis would let you travel forward in time, sure, but a lot of other interesting things would change as well.



André Blake