A Vampire in Bavaria | Podium Audio

A Vampire in Bavaria

Book 3

By: Suzannah Rowntree

Performed by: Marian Hussey

Released: March 29, 2022

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 57 min

Vampires, vengeance…and a mutinous Victorian lady’s maid.

It’s not always easy to deal with a ticking bomb – and Miss Sharp just happens to have thrown this one straight at Queen Victoria’s royal train.

Liz was only trying to save lives, but now she must face the Kabale, a secret tribunal of royal monsters who don’t easily forgive a stray bomb. If Liz can’t convince them of her loyalty, her life will be forfeit.

Her best hope for survival may well rest with her worst enemy: the vampiric Grand Duke Vasily, who offers to help her bring down the Kabale, breaking their iron grip on Europe. Collaborating with Vasily comes with a price, and even if they succeed, Liz will be on the run for the rest of her life. Worst of all, she’ll make an enemy of the starchily attractive Inspector Short, for whom Liz has begun to feel something warmer than professional respect.

But if she doesn’t take the war to the Kabale, more people will die – herself among them.

It’s a good thing she has a secret weapon in the shape of her imperturbable employer, Princess May…



Suzannah Rowntree

Hi! I’m Suzannah Rowntree - author of historical fantasy fiction. I live in a big house in rural Australia with my awesome parents and siblings, drinking fancy tea and writing historical fantasy fiction that blends real-world history with legend, adventure, and a dash of romance. ​If you like the historical fantasy of Gail Carriger, S. A. Chakraborty or Naomi Novik, you'll probably like my stories too!



Marian Hussey