A Warrior's Penance | Podium Audio

Saga of the Known Lands

A Warrior’s Penance

Book 4

By: Jacob Peppers

Performed by: Ben Farrow

Released: November 08, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 2 min

The path to peace is paved in blood.
Or so Cutter tells himself during the long nights as he travels deeper into the Black Wood, wrestling with his inner demons and battling those creatures which emerge from the shadows seeking his life.
Meanwhile, in New Daltenia a violent organization thought long-extinct reappears and assassins roam the castle.
Matt, Chall, and Priest search for the truth about the Crimson Wolves, a search that will lead them to unimaginable peril.
Meanwhile, hoping to stop the attempts on their lives, Maeve is forced to return to the Assassin’s Guild, where any wrong move might mean her death and the death of those she’s come to love.
In the Black Wood, the Fey stir. In the Known Lands, the shadows lengthen, stretching across the world. And one man, known as the Crimson Prince, carries his axe, and the world’s hope, as he walks the bloody path before him.
He can do nothing else…for such is a warrior’s penance.
A Warrior’s Penance is the fourth entry in the character-driven dark fantasy, Saga of the Known Lands. An action-packed epic about monsters and warriors, mages and assassins, and one man’s quest to atone for a lifetime of blood and violence.



Jacob Peppers

Jacob Peppers lives in Georgia with his wife, two-year-old son, and three dogs. He is an avid reader of all genres, particularly fantasy. When he's not exploring the worlds of others, he's creating his own. He was a finalist for the 2013 Eric Hoffer Award for Short Prose and is the author of the bestselling epic fantasy series, The Seven Virtues.



Ben Farrow