A Witch's Sin | Podium Audio

Neon Ghosts

A Witch’s Sin

Book 1

By: Daniel B. Greene

Performed by: Inés del Castillo

Released: July 04, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 27 min

What would you do to keep your dreams ad-free? 
Bruised, stoned, and still adjusting to her latest wear implants, apprentice enforcer Taya Mint plunges into the darkest depths of Megastructure Seven Zero Three, challenging everything she thought she knew about life within the walls she has never stepped beyond.
With only one assignment left to earn her full license, Taya finally stands a chance to rebuild a life wounded by grief. But she quickly discovers that the kidnapping she’s investigating is just one piece of a puzzle—one that leads to grisly death and the greedy heart of power within the structure. When evidence points to a supernatural threat as the culprit, Taya finds herself needing to rely on cold-blooded allies just to survive the hell that is Seven Zero Three. 
To save an innocent life in a world polluted by zealots, Taya will have to learn just how much it costs to face the monsters that occupy humanity’s artificial Eden.



Daniel B. Greene



Inés del Castillo

Originally trained in devised theater, Inés applies the multidisciplinary approach she learned there to draw from her multicultural background, athleticism, and bookishness in her creative pursuits, and well, in how she thinks about everything. She is bilingual (Spanish) with a knack for other languages, and cares deeply about diversity and bringing characters and worlds to life with respect, love, and joy. When she’s not doing all that, she’s probably hiking, reading fantasy books, or staring at her baby in awe.