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Wilmington Football

Against the Clock

Book 1

By: Brittany Kelley

Released: October 24, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 28 min

I’ll never date a football player— but all the veteran quarterback wants? Me.
My life’s defined by my long career as a quarterback. I’m determined to have a great season because I’m not sure how many I have left. But when I slam into gorgeous reporter Kelsey Cole on the sidelines, my focus on the game takes a backseat to my fascination with her. She’s tiny, smart, fierce, and makes me feel young again. There’s only one problem: she hates football—with good reason, too. Still, you don’t become a champion quarterback without learning how to fight for what you want.
Football’s always come first, but Kelsey might be the one to change that.
The last thing I need is to get involved with huge and handsome quarterback Daniel Harrison. Under all those muscles, he’s hiding charm and a surprising intellect—an irresistible combination. I can’t deny our chemistry, but I can’t stand what he does for a living. Not to mention, once the internet starts shipping us, the spotlight becomes unbearable. The fans will hate me even more when they find out I’m writing a piece that could leave the league they love in shambles.
There’s no future for the hot quarterback and me—so why can’t I say goodbye?
_Against The Clock _is a spicy adult sports football romance with dual POV and a guaranteed HEA.



Brittany Kelley

Brittany writes spicy sports romance with an extra shot of humor. You could almost say she writes romantic comedy... with balls.  When Brittany's not writing, she's usually taking her kids to sports practice, keeping them from jumping off things they have no business jumping off of, and daydreaming about going on a date with her husband.  Brittany lives in the northern US with her family, pack of dogs, trio of cats, and a flock of ducks.