Against the Rules | Podium Audio

Wilmington Football

Against the Rules

Book 2

By: Brittany Kelley

Performed by: Greyson Ash, Lee Samuels

Released: November 21, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 8 min

As a pro cheerleader, dating a football player is forbidden—so there’s no way I’m telling anybody I drunkenly married one in Vegas.
One night of fun turns into a morning of regret when I wake up hungover, fully clothed, and next to muscle-bound wide receiver Ty Matthews… and a phone full of evidence of our Elvis-ordained nuptials. Talk about bad choices: I can be kicked off the team for talking to a football player, much less marrying one.
After a night of spilling my darkest secrets, even playboy Ty knows exactly how to persuade me to stay married to him—he promises to fund my small business dreams if I convince his parents we’re together.
Our so-called agreement is already off to a crazy start. I don’t want to lose my coveted spot on the cheer team, and we have to work to keep it a secret from almost everyone. Just when I start to think I can have it all—the money for my business, cheering for a pro football team, and even an accidental husband who treats me like gold—the cracks begin to show.
I don’t just stand to lose my spot on the team, either, because losing Ty Matthews might break my whole heart.



Brittany Kelley

Brittany writes spicy sports romance with an extra shot of humor. You could almost say she writes romantic comedy... with balls.  When Brittany's not writing, she's usually taking her kids to sports practice, keeping them from jumping off things they have no business jumping off of, and daydreaming about going on a date with her husband.  Brittany lives in the northern US with her family, pack of dogs, trio of cats, and a flock of ducks.



Greyson Ash



Lee Samuels

From the beginning of his career as a narrator, the deep, rough timbre to Lee’s voice naturally attracted romance projects in all of its shades, from erotica to romantic suspense and meet-cute college affairs. Now with well over 100 finished titles, he looks forward to capturing the spontaneous moments of chemistry and personal realization found in every manuscript. Honestly conveying vulnerabilities, emotion and humor is a challenge that never grows old.  With over a decade of professional narration experience and a member of SAG-AFTRA, Lee follows the directions of the manuscript, working to stay in the moment and not force anything, letting the natural story and characterizations do the work. Similarly, and unless otherwise noted, he prefers to keep accents as light as possible. With an easygoing general American dialect, he has a natural ear that translates to comfort with all American accents as well as British, European, Australian, Middle Eastern and whatever is called for. No BDSM, M/M, or nonconsensual/dark material.