Age of Ancients | Podium Audio

Shattered Kingdoms

Age of Ancients

Book 1

By: Aaron Oster

Performed by: Kevin R. Free

Released: September 28, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 21 min

Dabu’s life has been far from easy; born with a crippling lung illness, he has never been as strong as his father or brother, both of whom have disappeared after attempting to challenge the Trials of Ancients.
In the wake of the Tyrant King’s war, his village has come under the control of the Purus, a vicious gang of magically enhanced cutthroats and murderers. The Trials offer the promise of power to any who can clear them, but Dabu has been forbidden from entering.
After a violent encounter leaves his family in danger, Dabu faces a difficult decision: either leave the village to challenge the Trials, or stay and risk starvation. The Trials are monstrously difficult, filled with dangerous beasts, deadly obstacles, and tribes of challengers who control the areas within. But if he can make it out alive, Dabu will gain the power he needs to finally drive the Purus from his home.  
Age of Ancients contains elements of GameLit such as stat sheets, a form of leveling, and experience gain.



Aaron Oster

Aaron Oster has been a fan of all things fantasy ever since picking up Redwall by Brian Jacques at the age of seven. After that, he began reading (and listening to) every fantasy novel he could get his hands on – spending hours making his mom wait in the car, while he perused the collection of books at his local library. In his free time, Aaron enjoys spending his time watching movies, playing video games and eating far too much ice cream.



Kevin R. Free