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Galaxy Games

Alien Warrior Untamed

Book 2

By: Ava Ross

Performed by: Lance Greenfield, Tawnia Murray

Released: September 27, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 6 min

She’s fated to be mine, but the world is determined to steal her away.
When I was twelve, I was forced to watch as an invader killed everyone I loved. He captured me and took me to the chamber, where he tortured me and the other males, desperate to twist us into a beastly army. He may have turned me into a monster, but I refused to give into his demands.
Now I’ve been sold to the Galaxy Games, where I must complete a series of dangerous tasks with an Earthling female by my side. Jade is luscious and curvy, and she makes me ache for a life I never thought I could have. She is determined to win the Game, and despite allowing me to show her the steps of Videen–my people’s way of giving pleasure–she insists she’ll return to her home planet once the Game is finished.
But she’s my fated mate, and I keep what’s mine.

Alien Warrior Untamed is book two of the Galaxy Games Series. Each book features a different tortured alien hero who’s desperate to find and cherish his fated mate.



Ava Ross



Lance Greenfield

Lance Greenfield began narrating in 2015 and has accrued over 200 titles in that time. He has worked with authors such as Sawyer Bennett, Lauren Landish, Willow Winters, Chelle Bliss and many more.



Tawnia Murray