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Dee Sanders

All for 1

Book 3

By: LP Snyder

Performed by: Andrew Tell

Released: September 20, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 21 min

Life moves on…should they?
Go with Dee and his friends as they experience dissension and danger, separation and insecurity, from the shores of North Africa, the markets of Tangier, and the Atlas mountains, to the streets of Rome, the Acropolis, around to the pyramids of Egypt, the shores of the Israeli Mediterranean, and on to the Bosphorus and Istanbul.
Taking what they think may be their final cruise together in the Mediterranean, adventure finds the group, separates them, and leaves them pondering the future.
Is the thrill really gone? Is it time for them to go their separate ways?
Sail along and see what happens when friends question friends, and then themselves. The latest Dee Sanders (and friends) Adventure, All for 1, will have you rooted to your seat and raring to go.



LP Snyder

LP Snyder is a life-long reader who, at the last minute, decided to become a writer. It's been a great experience, and he wonders why it took so long to decide! Having read a little of most genres, LP decided to stick with his favorites-adventure, espionage, and crime thrillers! If you like fast-paced, humorous, action-filled, suspense thrillers, he's your Huckleberry!



Andrew Tell