Along the Razor's Edge | Podium Audio

The War Eternal

Along the Razor’s Edge

Book 1

By: Rob J. Hayes

Performed by: Moira Quirk

Released: October 27, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 6 min

An empire in flames. A prisoner of war. An unbreakable will to escape.
At just 15, Eskara Helsene fought in the greatest war mankind has ever known – and lost. There is only one place her enemies would send a Sourcerer as powerful as her: the Pit, a prison sunk so deep into the earth the sun is a distant memory. Now, she finds herself stripped of her magic; a young girl surrounded by thieves, murderers, and worse. In order to survive she will need to make new allies, play the inmates against each other, and find a way out.
Her enemies will soon find out that Eskara is not so easily broken.



Rob J. Hayes

Rob J. Hayes has been a student, a banker, a marine research assistant, a chef, and a keyboard monkey more times than he cares to count. But eventually his love of fantasy and reading drew him to the life of a writer. He’s the author of multiple award winning series including The First Earth Saga, The Mortal Techniques, and The War Eternal.



Moira Quirk