Among the Pines | Podium Audio

Blake Larsen

Among the Pines

Book 3

By: Jack Slater

Performed by: Brittany Pressley

Released: February 13, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 33 min

Pine Ridge is a haven for lost souls. What happens when a haven becomes a living hell?
Lieutenant Blake Larsen is on the trail of her own family tragedy when another rips apart Pine Ridge Retreat, a troubled teen camp on the edge of Northern Pines. A girl named Chloe Perez is dead, and a missing teenager with a troubled past—Jax Mitchell—is the prime suspect. Though Blake is desperate to uncover the truth about her parents’ horrific murder-suicide, duty calls.
When deputies first arrive at Pine Ridge, security refuses to let them through the gate. Why? What are they hiding—and why will no one talk? Does it have anything to do with the strange devotion the camp’s staff have for their leader?
When Blake learns that Chloe’s father is the speaker of the State House, she finds herself in the eye of yet another public storm. With her suspect list growing and bodies piling up, Blake’s investigation itself comes under pressure. Someone wants to shut her down. But Blake made a dead girl a promise.



Jack Slater

Jack Slater's books are fast-paced, twisty and as gritty as they are gripping. Fans of Dugoni, Baldacci and Koontz will love the complex plots and addictive prose. He has a background in International Relations, a deviously mischievous puppy and a mind overflowing with more story ideas than he could ever find the time to write. His last book is hopefully the reason you didn't sleep last night...



Brittany Pressley