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Amra Thetys Series

Amra Thetys

Book 2

By: Michael McClung

Performed by: Amanda Dolan

Released: December 12, 2017

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 13 min

Amra Thetys lives by two simple rules – take care of business, and never let it get personal.
Thieves don’t last long in Lucernis otherwise. But when a fellow rogue and good friend is butchered on the street in a deal gone wrong, she turns her back on burglary and goes after something more precious than treasure: Revenge.
Revenge, however, might be hard to come by. A nightmare assortment of enemies believe Amra is in possession of The Blade That Whispers Hate – the legendary, powerful artifact her friend was murdered for – and they’ll do anything to take it from her. Trouble is, Amra hasn’t got the least clue where the Blade might be.
InĀ Amra Thetys, Amra faces unsavoury enemies – such as an immortal assassin and a mad sorcerer – teams up with a mage with a distaste for magic, and embarks on a quest for the secret to immortality.



Michael McClung



Amanda Dolan