An Ocean of Others | Podium Audio

Dance of the Sibling Suns

An Ocean of Others

Book 1

By: Joshua Scott Edwards

Performed by: Danny Gavigan

Released: April 11, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 0 min

Remember what’s real or your head will be theirs.
Survival is never easy, but it’s never been harder for Grim, the last bounty hunter in Liwokin. He survived the Great Riot that killed Liwo by the thousands, endured the bloody chaos that ruled the city in its aftermath, and avoided the crushing fist of the Agency created to quell the unrest. The rule of law has returned, but following the rules doesn’t put food in your belly.
On a job gone wrong, Grim stumbles into a conspiracy that targets Ulken, the Head of the Agency, a man who has done more to ruin Grim’s life than any other. Struggling to earn honest coin, Grim plans to use this information to rise quickly through the ranks of the organization. He becomes a Finger of the Agency, joining a sardonic ranger, two fugitive siblings, a stone-skinned Skardwarf, and a powerful dark mage—none of whom know any better than Grim what they’ve gotten themselves into.
Grim’s Hand soon discovers the Agency’s furtive work is far deadlier than hunting bounties. While fighting to save his home from monsters who once were men, Grim discovers the conspiracy runs deeper than just Ulken and the Agency—what was unleashed is spreading, and if Grim’s sanity doesn’t prevail, it will consume the minds of the Bright Empire and beyond.
Action-packed, bloody, and full of brain-bending intrigue, _An Ocean of Others _blurs the line between monster and man enough to drive you out of your mind.



Joshua Scott Edwards

Joshua Scott Edwards lives in Lansdale, PA with his wife, Rachel. He received an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rowan University, only afterward discovering that his true passion is for storytelling. Sadly, the topic was not covered in the engineering curriculum. By day, Joshua writes software to pay the bills. By night, he writes fantasy and science fiction stories, dreaming of a future in which he can do that by day as well.



Danny Gavigan