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An Outcast in Another World

An Outcast in Another World: Rising Insanity

Book 3

By: KamikazePotato

Performed by: Neil Hellegers

Released: July 26, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 27 hr, 28 min

Against all odds, Rob and the Deserters have survived their second encounter with the eldritch abomination–known as the Blight–only for Rob to make first contact with the gods of Elatra in a very…aggressive way.

His enemies keep on piling up, and things are looking to get even tougher from here on out. If Rob and his friends want to survive their upcoming trials, they’ll need to gain Levels, make new allies, and travel to the ends of the world and back again. Along the way, they’ll discover some of the secrets behind Elatra’s history, shaking their preconceptions of the world to its very core.

But what else is new? Rob has known for a long time that nothing was going to be easy. He’s lost count of how many times he’s almost died since being dragged through a portal against his will. Whether he’s up against monsters, gods, or creatures beyond comprehension, Rob is determined to overcome it. He’ll protect his friends, find a way home, and above all, survive._

There’s no other choice.