An Unlikely Plan | Podium Audio

Gentlemen of London

An Unlikely Plan

Book 2

By: Laura Beers

Performed by: Karen Cass

Released: March 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 25 min

He has to marry her to gain his inheritance, but she wants nothing to do with him.
After his father is laid to rest, Aaron Berkeley, Earl of Graylocke, sets out to void the marriage contract that his father had in place for him. To his dismay, he discovers that he has no choice but to marry Lady Beatrice or else lose a vital part of his inheritance. To make matters worse, the contract stipulates that they must marry by his thirtieth birthday, which is only two months away. He resigns himself to the marriage, finding solace in one’s cups.
Lady Beatrice Harford has been in love with Lord Graylocke since she was little. She is elated to finally marry him, and is determined to turn a marriage of convenience into a love match. When Lord Graylocke shows up drunk to their wedding, she is mortified, and has no choice but to call it off. Despite his pleas, she refuses to marry a man who would treat her so callously.
Aaron is determined, though. His usual flirting tactics backfire, however, and he finds himself working harder than ever to win Beatrice’s hand. When she disappears, Aaron must work with his friends to bring her home—and back to him. But can he convince Beatrice that he is worth taking a chance on?
An Unlikely Plan is the second book in the Gentlemen of London series, a light-hearted, clean and wholesome romance set in the Regency era. All books in this series have their own Happily-Ever-After and are best enjoyed in order.



Laura Beers

Laura Beers spent most of her childhood with a nose stuck in a book, dreaming of becoming an author. She attended Brigham Young University, eventually earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. Many years later, and with loving encouragement from her family, Laura decided to start writing again. Besides being a full-time homemaker to her three kids, she loves waterskiing, hiking, and drinking Dr. Pepper. Currently, Laura Beers resides in Utah.



Karen Cass