Angel Assassin | Podium Audio

Arielle Lucila

Angel Assassin

Book 1

By: Andre Gonzalez

Performed by: Cynthia Farrell

Released: July 12, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 56 min

A dead father. A family desperate for answers. Arielle Lucila must assume a role that can take her life… She is the angel. She is the assassin.
Haunted by the ghosts of her past, former FBI agent Arielle Lucila finds herself starting over. She can close her eyes and still hear the gunshots that changed her life. The pain of grieving proves torturous to her recovery.
Time is supposed to heal all wounds, but Arielle finds this false. In a shower of gunfire, she lost not only her entire family but her sense of self… her sanity.
Arielle returns home to face the future and is soon offered the opportunity to work as a vigilante for a secret organization. She grapples with taking the work seriously, hampered by the struggles to keep her footing in her new life.
When an innocent family man turns up dead, Arielle is sent to assess the crime scene in the shadows of the night. Having lost her own father, she cannot stomach the thought of a grieving family having no answers. Working to catch the killer just might well save Arielle from herself.
As the hunt for the killer continues, Arielle receives an unexpected tip she believes will lead to an easy capture. How wrong she was. The hunt leads Arielle into the trenches of an underground crime syndicate. Powerful players who will stop at nothing stand in her way. Behind them lies the truth. Getting to it may cost her everything, including her life, as she seeks to expose a dark secret that could bring a small town to its knees.
Follow Arielle Lucila as she walks the blurred line of right and wrong in a desperate search for justice.
If you love high-stakes thrillers and pulse-pounding action, Arielle’s journey will keep you on the edge of your seat!



Andre Gonzalez

Andre Gonzalez is the author of all things thriller and horror. He has penned the Wealth of Time series and the Insanity trilogy. You’ll likely find him buried under a long to-do list or his three young (and energetic) children.



Cynthia Farrell