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Another Stupid Trilogy

Another Stupid Demon

Book 2

By: Bill Ricardi

Performed by: James Patrick Cronin

Released: July 24, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 38 min

Sorch is an orc mage in a world where orcs are cursed with stupidity every time they cast a spell.
After thwarting an evil plot to destroy Royal Moffit, Sorch became the prisoner of a demon-worshiping cult. They imprisoned him in an attempt to steal his nightmares.
One daring jailbreak later, Sorch is unleashed upon the world again. This time, however, he’s not so sure he wants to go back to a life of magic and adventure. It would be a long, difficult road, and being the smartest orc in all of Panos wasn’t all fun and games the first time around.
But with the help of a new friend, Sorch rediscovers his purpose in life. He embarks on a quest to save his friends, who were trapped on another plane of existence. During his travels, he encounters more horrible injury, more magical treasures, casual love, noisy roommates, wild elves, university midterms, a plot against all of Panos, and then of course he saves the world.
Or does he?



Bill Ricardi

Bill Ricardi is a fantasy author from Belfast in the U.K. He has a bent for writing the unusual. In addition to Another Stupid Trilogy and The Blackstaff Siblings, which are his two fantasy series centred around the world of Panos, Bill is the author of The Ihy Saga, which involves a young man becoming the avatar of the Egyptian god of music in the modern world. Bill has a wonderful life partner, and a giant cat named Loki. Both enjoy tormenting him.



James Patrick Cronin