APEX | Podium Audio



Book 3

By: Ryan W. Aslesen

Performed by: Jeffrey Kafer

Released: May 14, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 4 min

The next explosive book in the international best-selling Crucible series. A must-listen for science fiction and horror fans alike, Apex is a run-away freight train of action and terror!
He’s driven by revenge. But soon he’ll be fighting for his life.
As former Marine Raider Max Ahlgren continues the hunt for his family’s killers and tracks down leads in Washington, DC, a face from the past emerges with the information Max needs to continue his quest for vengeance. There’s just one catch – he must first agree to a high-stakes mission to help locate and rescue a powerful Senator’s son. The clues lead Max to an alluring reporter and a mysterious organization providing one-of-a-kind trophy hunts on a remote island off the coast of South America. There, Max comes face-to-face with a threat that can dethrone man from the top of the evolutionary pyramid. Fighting a dangerous web of deceit through a deadly jungle hell, Max unearths a secret that changes everything he thought he knew about his past. And his future….
The world’s most dangerous man becomes the world’s most dangerous prey.
Apex is the third standalone book in the gripping Crucible military thriller series. If you like hardcore action, unflinching heroes, and dark sci-fi twists, then you’ll love this riveting pause-register.
Pick up your copy of Apex and get in the fight today!



Ryan W. Aslesen

Ryan Aslesen is a bestselling author based out of Las Vegas, NV. He is a former Marine officer, a veteran of the War on Terror, and a graduate of Presentation College and American Military University. His military and work experience have made him one of the premier writers of military science fiction. His bestselling Crucible Series is highly regarded for its authenticity, explosive action, and sci-fi twists. When not writing or lost in his imagination, you will find him spending quality time with his family. He is currently working on his next novel. He can be reached at ryan.w.aslesen@gmail.com.



Jeffrey Kafer