Apocalypse Comedy | Podium Audio

Gravity and Divinity System

Apocalypse Comedy

Book 1

By: Hunter Mythos

Performed by: Zeno Robinson

Released: June 13, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 18 hr, 21 min

A jokester crashes the System, angers the gods, and becomes more powerful with every climactic battle.
Jay Luckrun has many interests: street dancing, anime, action movies, comedy, and dashing across rooftops to the point where his bullies nicknamed him Rooftop Weirdo. After struggling to confront his untouchable high school crush at her seventeenth birthday party, Jay adds another interest to his list—Dungeon Crawling in the face of the apocalypse.
Jay meets a divine creature who chooses him to become a Champion. Someone with a leveling System, stats, skills, access to other dimensions containing dungeons filled with supernatural loot, and magical powers that’ll alter reality as they know it.
Becoming a Champion comes with some issues. Global assassins want Jay and other Champions dead. Monsters are hungering to break out of their dungeons and raze Jay’s world. And Jay’s just one young guy trying to have fun with a Class that gets weirder as he evolves and masters his new gravity powers.



Hunter Mythos

I'm a simple man who likes to read LitRPG, watch anime, and spend my days writing the coolest and weirdest things I can imagine. If I can spend my days hanging out at the cafe, listening to music, and writing stories for people like me, that's a life worth living.



Zeno Robinson