Apocalypse: Dungeon System | Podium Audio

Systems of the Apocalypse

Apocalypse: Dungeon System

Book 3

By: Macronomicon

Performed by: Steve Campbell

Released: February 08, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Jeb is settling into his role as the head of the biggest orphanage in the alien city of Solmnath, taking in hundreds of human children orphaned by the harsh trials of the Tutorial.

It wasn’t meant to last.

A group of human extremists are scavenging nuclear bombs from the corpse of Las Vegas, and they intend to use them to wipe Solmnath off the map.

And behind them? Something…stranger.




Macronomicon was struck by lightning* the moment he was born, granting him superhuman abilities** that allow him to tell stories unlike anything people have ever heard before while simultaneously poking fun at the underlying tropes. He grew up on a steady diet of sci-fi fantasy blends, and took to the LitRPG genre like a fish to numerically enhanced magical water. He lives in Alaska, where his internet has to walk fifteen miles through the snow each day to get to a router, and he finds the occasional moment to write between constantly charging at bears. Now he writes off-beat (mostly) intelligent, free-thinking protagonists who use their minds to overcome their struggles wherever possible. He has a visceral disdain for the punch-wizard.



Steve Campbell

Steve is a lifelong storyteller that grew up on stage. Once a character actor/singer, he’s now a full-time award winning narrator. While no stranger to a wide variety of genres, he’s best known for his work in LitRPG, Fantasy, and YA. Check out his Discord, where he does live reads here: https://discord.gg/rhX2rH7