Arrogant Neighbor | Podium Audio

Emerald Bay RomCom

Arrogant Neighbor

Book 2

By: Fabiola Francisco

Performed by: Rock Engle, Stefanie Kay

Released: October 03, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 8 min

He’s the most infuriating man. There’s no way I’d actually fall for him.
When I moved into my house, I didn’t think I’d have to deal with the most arrogant man in the world. It seems that everything I do is a problem.
I have enough issues at work when the ratings of our radio station drop. Not to mention, I’m failing at proving that I was ready for my promotion.
My life becomes a nightmare when my dad introduces Josh as our newest business consultant. Not only do I have to deal with him at home, he’s now criticizing the way I do my job.
We’re night and day, making it impossible to work together. The man infuriates me. But when we kiss on air in the middle of an argument, rumors about our relationship spark in our small town. As if I’d really fall for my arrogant neighbor.
_Arrogant Neighbor _is a spicy opposites attract, small-town romantic comedy, including a Cuban-American heroine, witty banter, hate kisses, and forced proximity.



Fabiola Francisco

Fabiola Francisco traded her flip-flops for boots when she moved to Spain to live out her small town dreams. She loves the escape books offer.  She writes contemporary romance and romantic comedy, mostly small town romances with swoony book boyfriends and strong and sassy heroines. Her novels will capture your heart and make you feel a range of emotions. She is continuously creating stories as she daydreams. She also enjoys country music, being outdoors, and reading.



Rock Engle

Rock Engle is a narrator of Romance/Erotica titles. Charming, sexy and gruff when necessary. With almost 100 titles to date, Rock is admired for his sultry tones while never being shy to demonstrate his sensitive side. He understands his physical skills, but isn’t afraid to let a willful partner take control. A versatile storyteller with accent proficiency.



Stefanie Kay

Stefanie, a 2022 Audie Finalist in the Romance category, has always been a performer from a very young age. She started off in school plays and community theatre, growing into college theatre courses, vocal courses/lessons, plays/musicals, and was even part of an improv group. Her performance journey led her to audiobooks in 2018 and she was hooked! After deciding to take the leap into narration, she began working with many incredible coaches and taking any class that could give her valuable knowledge in this field. It is such an honor every time an author entrusts her with their stories and she makes sure that each one is told with truth, emotion, and warmth. She loves stories that make you laugh, make you cry, make you FEEL something. She would be thrilled to bring your next story to life!