Ascension | Podium Audio

By: TurtleMe

Performed by: Travis Baldree

Released: June 15, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 24 hr, 18 min

The eighth installment of the hit series The Beginning After the End has arrived! Join the hundreds of thousands of fans who have fallen in love with TurtleMe’s reincarnation epic fantasy and main character Arthur Leywin, voiced by the talented Travis Baldree.

I had to accept that I wasn’t just Arthur Leywin anymore, and that I could no longer be limited by the circumstances of my birth. If I was going to escape, if I was going to go toe-to-toe with the most powerful beings in this world, I needed to push myself to my utmost limit…and then I needed to push even further.
After nearly dying as a victim of his own strength, Arthur Leywin wakes to find himself far from the continent where he was born for the second time. Alone, broken, and with no way to tell his family he’s alive, Arthur must rebuild his strength to survive. As he ascends through an ancient dungeon filled with hostile beasts and devious trials, he discovers an ancient, absolute power—a power that will either ruin him or take him to new heights. But the dungeon won’t give up its knowledge easily. Before he can plunder its depths, Arthur must learn to untangle the threads of fate. He must band together with the unlikeliest of allies if he hopes to escape with his life.






Travis Baldree