Assault | Podium Audio

Invasion Series


Book 2

By: D.I. Freed

Performed by: Grant Cartwright

Released: December 14, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 21 hr, 54 min

Having survived the events at the Invader encampment, Vic finds and exposes even more corruption and conspiracies in his own city.
As an operative of the United Forces of Humanity and its secret covert group known as the Knight Hunters, we join Vic as he digs even deeper into the underbelly of humanity’s survival. In doing so, he uncovers even more nefarious activities that go beyond the horrors he’s already unearthed. And as always, the threat from the Invaders is a constant risk that could end everything he holds dear.



D.I. Freed

Hey readers! I'm author D.I. Freed. Thank you for looking into my books. I'm a computer and gaming geek who loved epic fantasy, sci-fi books from the moment I could read. I've also loved playing video games and that got me into the LitRPG genre. And so I decided to give writing it a shot. I hope you enjoy my books. I wish you the best. Stay safe and healthy!



Grant Cartwright