At Wits' End | Podium Audio

At Wits’ End

By: Kenzie Reed

Performed by: Jeremy York, Rose Dioro

Released: February 22, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 41 min

The contract says I have to get fake-married to a Witlocke. It doesn’t say which Witlocke. Apparently, any stuck-up jerk whose last name begins with W and ends with E will do.
Oops, was that my out loud voice? Enter my nemesis, sinfully sexy tech mogul Donovan. We’ve been mortal enemies since third grade, but he’s all too willing to meet me at the altar, for reasons he refuses to share with me. Whatever he’s planning for me, it can’t be good. The last time I saw him is when my family let loose a bunch of attack geese at his sister’s wedding. And he’s only gotten hotter – and grumpier – since then.
Deep breaths. I can do this. Sign on the dotted line, and I’ll save my aunt’s vineyard. We just have to stay married until the end of the summer. But a lot can happen in a summer. A dropped towel can lead to unexpected consequences.
Snarky sparring can end in steamy kissing. Hidden truths can be revealed under an ancient oak tree. Hearts can melt. And someone can fall in love with the last man on earth who’d want "forever". Wait, that wasn’t in the contract….
From best-selling author Kenzie Reed comes an enemies-to-lovers stand-alone.



Kenzie Reed

Kenzie Reed loves her kids, her dogs, watching rom coms, and reading screwball comedies - not necessarily in that order. She lives in New England and is in a committed relationship with coffee.



Jeremy York



Rose Dioro

_A life-long actor and a voice-over artist since 2009, Rose began recording audiobooks in 2014. Her work on Helena Hunting’s Pucked series solidified her place in the romance audio landscape and she’s never looked back. Rose can be heard on many other titles by Helena Hunting, as well as the likes of Alessandra Torre, Lauren Blakely, Debra Anastasia, Nicole Snow, Lex Martin, and many more. She is currently recording PJ Fiala's entire 31-book military-romance catalogue! Rose works with large and small-scale publishers and production companies. Some clients include Harper Audio, Macmillan Audio, Podium Audio, Blackstone Audio, Audibly Addicted, and One Night Stand Productions. She loves performing any and all accents. Having grown up in Alabama, southern accents are a particular favorite, but Rose has yet to find an accent she couldn’t tackle. Some other frequently used accents are various British, Italian, Russian, Eastern European, and other regional American accents. As an Italian speaker, she also loves taking on projects that rely on her Italian language skills. Learn more about Rose at []( or follow Rose on Twitter, IG, and Facebook at @rosediorovo._