Bad Luck Charm | Podium Audio

Bad Luck Charm

By: Julie Johnson

Performed by: Isabelle Turner

Released: September 19, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 48 min

Gwendolyn Goode lives a charmed life.
As owner of an occult shop in downtown Salem, Massachusetts, she’s accustomed to all things odd and otherworldly. But when a bloody animal sacrifice is left as a warning outside her place of business, the police seem to think Gwen might be the target of some truly evil-doers. Suddenly, her sunny existence is riddled with danger in the form of crazed pagans, rogue employees, and nefarious henchmen. There’s only one man who can protect her until the storm passes…
Graham Graves has no time for witchy nonsense.
Not in his love life and definitely not in his line of work. Despite the ever-present oddities of his hometown, the private investigator and acclaimed police consultant prides himself on staying objective in every case that comes across his desk. That all changes when Gwendolyn—a woman who gets under his skin like no other—finds herself in the crosshairs of dangerous criminals. Graham is determined to make her safe, even if her presence tests his steely resolve. As their mutual dislike sizzles into unexpected attraction… he becomes even more determined to make her something else: His.
Bad Luck Charm is a total standalone romance featuring cameos from a fortune-telling parrot, a modern-day pirate, and a coven of well-meaning octogenarians. With characters that leap off the page and plenty of spooky twists and turns to keep you guessing. Fans of Johnson’s previous Boston Love Story series will adore this blend of heat, humor, and suspense.



Julie Johnson

JULIE JOHNSON is a New England native and internationally bestselling author. When she's not writing, Julie can most often be found adding stamps to her passport, drinking too much coffee, and Instagramming pictures of her dog. She published her debut novel LIKE GRAVITY in August 2013, just before her senior year of college, and she's never looked back. Since, she has published more than a dozen other novels, including the bestselling BOSTON LOVE STORY series, THE GIRL DUET, and THE FORBIDDEN ROYALS TRILOGY. Her books have been translated into ten different languages and appeared on bestseller lists all over the world, including Der Spiegel, AdWeek, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and more.



Isabelle Turner