Bared Souls | Podium Audio

By: Ellie Wade

Released: June 01, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 40 min

Alma Weber
He told me that he’d destroy me. I knew he wasn’t lying, and I loved him anyway. I believed in love – in him. I just wasn’t prepared to carry the weight of his demons. I wanted forever with him, but life showed me love was temporary, and forever was a dream. Despite everything that happened, even now, I wouldn’t change any of it. For a love to have the capacity to destroy you, it has to be extraordinarily powerful—and that kind of love is impossible to walk away from.
Leo Harding
I warned her that I’d ruin her. I knew that I’d taint her innocence with my bad intentions. I was weak. She was perfection. I was nothing. The truth is that I loved her, and I selfishly wanted to hold on—to her, to the man she had made me, to the life we could have. I wanted to dance with her in the light despite knowing that the darkness would find me anyway. Heartbreak was inevitable. Yet I held on to the sliver of hope that I was wrong, that love really was enough. Destiny isn’t something I buy into, but she makes me want to believe.



Ellie Wade