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The Devil’s Foundry

Be Thou My Good

Book 1

By: Joseph Marcia / Argentorum

Performed by: Hollie Jackson

Released: February 22, 2022

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 34 min

It’s not easy being the most famous and attractive villain in the United States, but somebody has to do it, and it might as well be Via Rodriguez, aka “Empress.”

Via’s used to outsmarting the ever-so-arrogant heroes that come her way. However, her wicked schemes take an unexpected turn after a getaway gone wrong lands both her and her current foe – the annoyingly perky Electra – in the middle of an unknown land that is definitely not Earth.

Silverwall is bizarre, to put it bluntly. Via is suddenly imbued with diabolical magical powers; an annoying menu keeps popping up to tell her about mana and Status Points; and no one has even heard of the Internet. Stripped of her usual gadgets, carefully laid plans, and social cred, Via will have to rely on her wits, charm, and newfound demonic skills to navigate tricky local politics and amass enough allies and minions to survive. But if she ever wants to actually make it back home, she’ll need to cooperate with the last person in the world she’d ever want to team up with: Electra.

Fast-paced and snarky, Be Thou My Good turns some of the most popular tropes from role-playing games and genre novels alike on their heads to present an irresistible new take on the eternal battle between do-gooders and evil geniuses.



Joseph Marcia / Argentorum

An author who cut his teeth in the wild world of online fiction. Joseph Marcia prefers fast paced, character driven narratives that stretch the definition of genre. He’s not much interested in introspection, falling action, or the other “boring” parts of literature. When he’s not writing, he enjoys being out with people, living his best life and discovering those little quirks that bring his characters to life. He likes to imagine he’s as cleaver as those characters, but would gladly settle for half.



Hollie Jackson