Beastress Inferno | Podium Audio

The Elven-Trinity

Beastress Inferno

Book 3

By: Mark Albany

Performed by: Leo Barnabas

Released: September 10, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 05 hr, 26 min

A war of magic. A legend of three elves. Darkness unleashed.
The dark one has risen, and all hell is threatening to explode upon us. But hope is not lost, as the Elven-Trinity has been restored.
Not only have I begun to master my magic, but I fight alongside three beautiful elves: Aliana with her djinn magic. Norel with her dragon and noble connections. Braire with her ability to summon monsters.
All of them are powerful and deadly. With them on my side, we will charge in head-first to take on the enemy, and might just stand a chance.
Warning: Contains mature harem content.



Mark Albany



Leo Barnabas