Believe It or Knot: Part One | Podium Audio

Runaway Omega

Believe It or Knot: Part One

Book 1

By: Harper Wylde

Released: March 12, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 12 min

Believe it or Knot, happily ever after doesn’t exist. Not for me, anyway.
Bleeding and broken, I’m on the run from Alphas who want to use me as a punching bag and a breeding machine. An Omega on her own? It’s unheard of. But I’d rather die than let them catch me.
Taking a bus to the end of the line, I plan to become invisible in a small town in Vermont. But what’s that saying about the best-laid plans? They all turn to ash as an unplanned heat hits me like a raging wildfire.
I don’t need a pack… except my body is screaming for an Alpha, and I know I’ll never survive my heat without one. Or maybe six.
I run into Salvation on the sidewalk—literally. All six-foot-five dark, imposing inches of him.
His scent makes me forget all the reasons I’ve sworn off Alphas and the rest of his pack smells just as sinful. They want to help me. Save me. Make me theirs.
Fate may have brought us together, but the past has taught me that dreams are just illusions. My old pack will never let me go, and they’re dangerous. So dangerous I should keep on running to keep these new, tempting men safe.
Except they want me to stay, and they’re very, very convincing.
Believe It or Knot is the first book in a reverse harem (MFMMMMM) Omegaverse duet with no choosing, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA at the end of the duology! Intended for mature listeners.



Harper Wylde

Harper Wylde is an International bestselling author of paranormal and fantasy romance books. Writing about sassy heroines and dreaming up addictive, morally grey book boyfriends occupies most of her time, but when she takes a break from the magical worlds she creates, you can often find her watching reruns of The Vampire Diaries or the Bridgerton series, enjoying time with her family, or playing Zelda. She loves reading almost as much as she loves writing, and is often found curled up with a good book or her laptop and a chai latte.