Bethan's Choice | Podium Audio

The Evans Family Saga

Bethan’s Choice

Book 5

By: C.J. Petit

Performed by: Jim Meskimen

Released: November 23, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 23 min

Bethan listened as her father explained to her mother the mission that he was giving to her brother, Lynn, and her Uncle Bryn. After she’s heard all of the details, she left the big house and returned to her small house where she began to pack.

She was frustrated at being unable to apply the skills that she’d been learning from her father since she was just a young girl, kowing that if she’d been born male, she would have been sworn in as a deputy marshal within a year. All that everyone seemed to expect her to do with her life was to marry and have children, and she was determined to prove that she could match any of the deputy marshals that worked for her father. Her uncles and brother wouldn’t leave until tomorrow, and by the time they arrived in Canon City, she’d be waiting for them and follow them to the counterfeiters’ location.

Bethan may have been expecting just to watch the takedown of a small counterfeiting operation, but within a day, her entire future would make a dramatic and deadly shift that would take her across Colorado where she would face dangers she could never have anticipated.



C.J. Petit

I started writing when I was almost 67 because I was bored. I didn't intend to even publish my books because they were just to keep my mind busy. My daughter insisted I put them online but didn't beleive that anyone would read them. After finishing my 72nd book in four years and having sold over a million, I guess she was smarter than her old father.



Jim Meskimen