Between Sun and Moon | Podium Audio

Between Life and Death Series

Between Sun and Moon

Book 2

By: Jaclyn Kot

Released: July 23, 2024

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

“But heed this warning, and heed it well—your mate’s life is linked with the very male she is destined to kill.”
With an iron collar wrapped around her throat, Sage is cut off from her powers and forced to live in Clearwell Castle, home to her enemy—the ruthless king whose bloodthirsty rule has led to the deaths of thousands of Cursed. Sage knows that if she is going to stop the persecution of the children of the Old Gods, she has to end the king’s reign. Permanently.
When she meets the devastatingly handsome heir to the Edenvale throne, Prince Aurelius, she finds another reason to stay at the castle. Who is this mysterious male that bears no resemblance to the king, and what is it about him that makes him feel so… familiar?
As Sage begins to unlock the memories from her past, she discovers that Von hid more from her than just his identity—he hid what he took from her. Everything that she thought she knew about the seductive, dark, apple-loving immortal is brought into question, and there is only one way to find out the truth—she needs to remember it all.
Like a deadly brushfire on a windy day, the past is coming. Will it forge Sage into someone stronger, or will it consume her?
….that is if the lovers of her past don’t devour her first.
Between Sun and Moon is the darker, steamier sequel to the best-selling Between Life and Death.



Jaclyn Kot

Jaclyn Kot is a prairie girl, an avid reader, occasional Netflix binger and a total foodie. She is a proud mama of many chickens, two fabulous kitties and a good doggo. She lives on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada with her husband.   She writes fantasy romance and likes it served with plot twists, a side of spice and morally grey males with a palate for strong-willed females.    It is her hopes that readers will fall in love with Sage and Von’s story just as much as she has.