Bitter Notes | Podium Audio

Second Sets

Bitter Notes

Book 1

By: Aly Beck

Released: October 10, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 19 hr, 21 min

Long before the world bowed down to the band, Whispered Words bowed down to me.
I was a simple girl in a small town, working two jobs and juggling college full-time—all in the name of a better future. Until them…Kieran. Cal. Ash. Rad.
They marched into my world like a hurricane, infiltrating every aspect of my life and taking control until they owned every inch of me. I became their obsession, their toy to use, and I ate up every second of it.
Looking back, I should have run in the opposite direction the moment they mentioned my family name, West. I should have known they were only chasing me for my father, Corbin West’s multi-million-dollar music legacy. But I didn’t. I stayed, I loved, and then I was wrecked.
Every fortified wall I erected, they beat down until I was left in shambles, and then they shattered me to pieces.
Music. Lies. Love. Betrayal. Sex. Money. Rock and roll. It all amounted to a whirlwind romance full of deceptive destruction and betrayal.
My name is River West, and this is the story of how Whispered Words loved me, used me, and tore my heart in two, leaving me when I needed them most.
Bitter Notes is book one of Second Sets and will end in a HEA. It’s a why-choose romance intended for mature listeners.



Aly Beck