Blood & Heartache | Podium Audio

Caprioni Queen

Blood & Heartache

Book 2

By: Elizabeth Knight

Released: June 11, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 54 min

Blood has been spilled, my heart has been broken, and there are traitors in our midst. What a great way to start as the new leader of the Caprioni Family.
Just when I thought I’d finally have everything I’d ever dreamed of, it was torn away from me. Only two weeks on the job after being brought home, and everything goes to shit. No one expected this tragedy to happen—least of all me. Now, rage and heartache fuel me as I lay my father to rest, plotting the demise of those who dared to steal the man I loved most from me.
To say that some are less than thrilled with my rise to power would be an understatement. That’s not surprising in the least. No, the problem is figuring out who those people are. My father warned me not to trust anyone but those he trusted with me. Even then, it felt like a risk to me. Each step I let them come closer gave me more to lose.
Between a secret letter, a wedding picture, a hidden heritage, a plot to ruin my name, and the police knocking on my door, it’s been one hell of an introduction to being the boss. Adding the crowning cherry of having to turn to the darkness I’d been running from inside myself… I’m not sure how much more I can take.
Those who are loyal prove they will support me to the grave and back, but it might not be enough. No matter where I turn, there’s another level of secrets and lies to unravel. Will anything I believe be the truth? Or is this just the beginning of the rabbit hole that shows me what’s lurking in the shadows, having waited for my return?



Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight International Best Seller Writing has been a hobby for Elizabeth for the past years creating random stories she'd dreamed up. However, it wasn't something she thought they could make a living with so she worked in the beauty industry full time. After her salon job was shut down due to the pandemic she was encouraged to take her writing more seriously. This is when she published her first reverse harem Discovering Synergy April 2020. ​ Since then her passion has turned into a full time profession. Elizabeth has written prolifically and is constantly exploring new genres and ideas, putting her own twist on things. It’s incredibly hard work, but she's never been happier than when she sits down at her desk with new imaginary best friends to share with us all.