Blue Coral | Podium Audio

Naga Brides

Blue Coral

Book 3

By: Naomi Lucas

Released: April 12, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 41 min

When I see her, I have to have her.
The one they call Shelby.
But the humans have not given her to us. She remains behind the walls of the facility they have reclaimed. She remains with a male that does not deserve her.
This beautiful, enchanting creature with long black braids and bright eyes needs a real male, a master, a true protector. She needs me.
I will do whatever it takes to claim her.
I’ll kill.
I’ll lie.
I’ll steal.
No human, naga, or otherwise will keep us apart. Tonight, Shelby will be in my arms.
To hell with the rest.



Naomi Lucas

Naomi Lucas is an indie author who's been writing sexy romance since 2016. She loves being creative whether it's with painting, writing, or making little jingles about her dogs, Barracuda and Mahi. A mother since 2020, a wife since 2013, her son and husband are her world. The Lucas pack lives near Portland, seeking their happily ever after.