Bright Like Midnight | Podium Audio

Savage U

Bright Like Midnight

By: Julia Wolf

Released: October 18, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 13 hr, 37 min

Make no mistake, Zadie Night, I am the bad guy here.
The first time I laid eyes on Amir Vasquez, he held me hostage in my dorm.
You made me a promise.
I swore to myself my second year at Savage U would be different from the last. No more hiding from things that go bump in the night. I’m dating now. Making friends. Living my life. But then someone starts leaving me notes and whispering my name in the dark, scaring me right back into my shell.
Are you my pet?
I’m shy and soft. Amir is dominant and hard. He stole a kiss once, and then he left me. I should stay far away from him. But you know what they say about the devil you know…
Do I own you?
Amir will protect me, but not without cost. I’m his, to do with as he pleases. He thinks it’s a punishment. But what he doesn’t know is I haven’t stopped thinking about him since he was my captor.
No one’s going to hurt you.
I’m safe from harm if I’m with him, because he’s the biggest bad on campus.
Show me your whole universe.
And somewhere along the way, he became my haven, too.
You should be scared of me.
I can’t believe I’ve fallen for the villain.

_Bright Like Midnight _is a dark college romance that explores mature themes and dubious situations. If you’re looking for a nice guy hero, this story isn’t for you!



Julia Wolf

Julia Wolf writes bad boys with big hearts and strong, independent heroines. Julia enjoys reading romance just as much as she loves writing it, as long as the emotions run high and the heat is scorching. Julia lives in Maryland with her three kids and her patient husband who she’s slowly converting to a romance reader, one book at a time.