Calamity Awakening | Podium Audio

Galactic Guardians

Calamity Awakening

Book 4

By: Jonathan Yanez

Performed by: Jeffrey Kafer

Released: July 04, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Adversity shows who you really are.
For Max Tyco, nothing has been the same since he was taken from Earth and introduced to the Rowki. Chosen for his depth of potential, a new twist has changed everything. Max’s weapon—the sardonium he can control with his mind—has turned a shade of red designated for only the fiercest of warriors.
Unsure how to control this newfound power driven from a place of rage, Max must seek the only living warrior to experience this before. Roman, was the Rowki’s fiercest champion until one day, eleven years ago, he vanished to the edge of the galaxy.
Max’s journey to find Roman will take him to a backwater planet with its own set of problems. The Galactic Government has abandoned this planet and terrifying creatures lurk under the surface. If Max is going to find Roman, harness his new ability and aid the local population he’s going to have to dig deeper than he ever and find a way to overcome.



Jonathan Yanez



Jeffrey Kafer