Cats Don't Chase Dogs: Wisdom for Women about Love, Dating, and Relationships | Podium Audio

Cats Don’t Chase Dogs: Wisdom for Women about Love, Dating, and Relationships

By: Kara King

Performed by: Romy Nordlinger

Released: September 22, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 05 hr, 51 min

Kara King’s controversial dating and relationship advice book The Wisdom of the Pussy discusses how to change your mindset so you can get love, respect, and commitment from men with effortless success. Learn how to ditch mentalities that prevent you from getting the love and relationship you desire and discover the mystical feminine state of mind that is required to win in love! 
Here are just a few of the many things you’ll learn in this book:

  • How to know if a man loves you, likes you, or is just playing games.
  • How to be the woman that makes men fall head over heels in love.
  • Tips to help you move out of the dating phase and into a committed relationship.
  • How to approach dating in a way that makes men beg for your time, attention, and commitment. 
  • How to escape the never-ending cycle of time wasters and start obtaining loving relationships with quality men.
  • How “MANipulations” prevent women from living their best lives, what you can do to escape this bs, and why this information is vitally important to the success of your love life.

_The Wisdom of the Pussy _is filled with real life, uncensored dating and relationship advice that will help you to stop getting frustrated and start getting what you want from men. This book has empowered women and dramatically changed their lives by changing the way they think about men and dating… and it can change your life too!



Kara King

Raised in Miami by a single mother working in the film industry, Kara King practically grew up backstage on the set of iconic TV shows like Miami Vice. In the early 2000s, she brought her outspoken personality to the airwaves of Power 96, standing shoulder to shoulder with industry veterans like DJ Laz and Kid Curry. Some of her favorite radio moments include meeting Jay Z, dancing with Jamie Foxx, and having the honor of being one of the first DJs to interview Pitbull on-air. After leaving the radio scene, she dove into marriage, entrepreneurship, and motherhood. But her narrative didn't pause—it escalated with the release of her groundbreaking book "The Power of the Pussy." Controversial, yet down-to-earth, it skyrocketed to the top of the dating and relationship bestseller's lists, and has stayed there for a remarkable decade, empowering thousands of women and pissing off a plethora of men along the way. Recognized as the dating bible for women, "The Power of the Pussy” has been called “life changing” and a "must-read" which is why it boasts over a million in sales and has been translated into 8 languages worldwide. Kara's success brought her to the airwaves again, with memorable interviews on Sirius XM's Shade 45 and a guest appearance on Jenny McCarthy's Dirty, Sexy, Funny talkshow. Today, Kara King has three books to her name, including "The Power of the Pussy: Part Two" and “The Wisdom of the Pussy” (previously published as “Cats Don’t Chase Dogs”). Settling down in Central Florida, she's celebrating 20 years of marriage, raising five kids, and owns a thriving business. A dating self-help icon, Kara King's life is a testament to the belief that women can indeed have it all. Her books echo a powerful theme—create the life you want, set high standards, dream big, believe in your self, tell society's expectations of women to f*ck off, and watch happiness unfold and true love come effortlessly and abundantly.



Romy Nordlinger

Romy is an NYC based actor and best-selling Sovas winning audiobook narrator and has recorded over 350 Audiobooks. Some TV credits include featured roles on Law & Order (Officer Talbor), FBI, Manifest, All My Children, Bull and Real Life and has starred in dozens of productions Off Broadway and regionally including her critically acclaimed solo show about Russian silent film star Alla Nazimova which appeared at The Kennedy Center and Off Broadway and slated to head to LA 2023. Romy was also featured as the voice of “Edna” in “Florence” starring Meryl Streep directed by Stephen Frears. She works regularly for publishers such as Tantor, Dreamscape, Audible, Oasis, Deyan, Harper, Podium, Highbridge, Recorded Books, Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, Podium, Dreamscape, Highbridge, Bee Audio, Blunder Woman, Eljin, & many more. Some of her favorite titles recorded include the hit ongoing mystery series ‘Haunting Of Danielle” for Tantor, ‘This Side Of Paradise’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald for Dreamscape (rave review in Audiofile), ‘The Girl In The Green Sweater” (the true holocaust story of Krystina Chiger made into an academy award winning film ‘To Darkness’ and ‘Cat’s Don’t Chase Dogs’ for Podium, the best selling self help women’s dating empowerment series. She has been recognized in Audio File magazine, Library Journal amongst many other editorials with critical acclaim. Romy has narrated in every genre including mystery, romance, sci-fi, chick- lit, self-help and non-fiction. Please check out her high ratings on the Audible website. She also has a strong command of language and dialects and has recorded titles in a plethora of accents ranging from Russian to British and back around the globe again. A passionate bookworm and actress, nothing brings Romy more joy than bringing a book to life by fully embodying its characters and faithfully telling its story with all her heart.