Charge to Battle | Podium Audio

By: Nick Ryan

Performed by: Marc Vietor

Released: April 05, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 05 hr, 42 min

As Russian troops pour into northern Poland, an elite Platoon of American scouts in Stryker reconnaissance vehicles faces a dangerous assignment: they must clear the route ahead for a US Cavalry column preparing to counter attack the flank of the enemy spearhead before it reaches Warsaw.

But the scouts’ difficult mission is made even more complicated when a Company of Polish militia are added to the counter attacking force, and a vital bridge is found to be defended by the enemy. Faced with an impossible battle to win the bridge, and the challenge of unreliable Polish allies, the Cavalry scouts must find a way to fight through a dug-in Russian force that is determined to hold the vital crossing at all costs.



Nick Ryan

Australian writer, Nick Ryan, is the author of a chillingly authentic collection of action-packed combat novels that envision a modern war where the world's superpowers battle on land, air and sea using today's military hardware. These World War 3 technothrillers are an ever-expanding series of stand-alone titles with several new books published each year. Nick lives on the east coast of Australia on a small farm with his fiancé.



Marc Vietor