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Chase Malone

Chasing Life

Book 5

By: Brandt Legg

Performed by: Roger Wayne

Released: February 22, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 1 min

For humanity to continue, there’s always been one rule: Don’t mess with our DNA. That rule has been broken.

A billionaire fugitive and a rogue spy uncover a secret scientific plot to manipulate human DNA, putting all of humanity at risk. A desperate race ensues to save life as we know it! Editing DNA…talk about life changing.

This book can be listened to as a standalone novel or as part of the Chase Malone Thriller series.



Brandt Legg

USA TODAY bestselling author Brandt Legg uses his real life experiences to create page-turning novels. He's traveled with CIA agents, dined with senators, mingled with astronauts, chatted with governors, had a private conversation with the Secretary of Defense he won’t talk about, hung out with Oscar and Grammy winners, had drinks at the State Department, been pursued by tabloid reporters, and spent a birthday at the White House by invitation from the President of the United States.