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Soul Mutts

Chicken Poodle Soup: Soul Mutts Volume 1

Book 3

By: Lori R. Taylor

Released: March 01, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 14 hr, 24 min

Contains books one, two, and three of the Soul Mutts series.
Baker’s Dozen, book one
Her bakery is going to the dogs! Abused and abandoned by her former owners, the unadoptable boxer Baker finds a safe haven at Pretty Paws, the only no-kill shelter in town. But when she’s scared, she can’t help defending herself, even from the people who want to help her.
Dumped by her cheating fiance and mourning the loss of her mother to cancer, Maeve dreams of opening a bakery. But the only way she can afford that is to win a baking contest. Too bad her high school nemesis has entered, too, and is using her rich daddy’s money to stack the deck against Maeve.
When Maeve stops by Pretty Paws, Baker chooses the best batch of pastries with her super sensitive nose. It’s not exactly love at first site, but when Maeve learns that time is almost up on Baker’s stay at the shelter, she agrees to take her home for a couple of weeks to reset the clock.
Reign of Terrier, book two 
When she needed a hand, she found a paw. Tessa’s dream of becoming a veterinary tech crashes after her fiercely supportive fiancee dies in a tragic accident. Mourning her loss and desperate to move forward, Tessa must prove she can handle the pressures of working in a real-life clinic before she can start her new life.
Princess doesn’t mean to be high maintenance, but trust comes hard to the brokenhearted, and her near-constant anxiety makes her practically unadoptable. Tessa is the only human who’s ever made Princess feel safe enough to come out of her shell. When a mysterious illness breaks out at Pretty Paws, can this heartbroken dog and grieving human team up to save the shelter’s sick dogs?
Chocolate-Covered Chaos, book three
Since Nick Marshall’s wife died, he’s been struggling to keep a lid on his PTSD and raise his stepdaughter, Chloe, and her younger half sister, Abby. He’s always run a tight ship, but when he learns that Chloe’s flunking out, he becomes even more rigid and controlling: no extracurricular activities, just chores and schoolwork until she brings her grades up.
It’s only after she gets into a fight at school that he realizes there’s a deeper problem that he has no idea how to handle. Worse, his late wife’s sister is working with Chloe’s biological father to take custody away from him. Out of desperation, he takes her teacher’s suggestion and brings home a dog from the Pretty Paws Shelter named Max. The girls bond with Max, but the dog’s playful enthusiasm drives Nick crazy, and he craves calm, not chaos. Can Max help Nick reconnect with Chloe before her meddling aunt and deadbeat father split the family for good?



Lori R. Taylor