Chronicles of a Royal Pet: Drifting in the Aether | Podium Audio

Royal Ooze Chronicles

Chronicles of a Royal Pet: Drifting in the Aether

Book 5

By: Ian Rodgers

Performed by: Peter Kenny

Released: September 17, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 55 min

From the marble city of Sanc Aldet, to the dark woods of the Dullwilds, to the dragon-filled continent of Drakon, Jelly has become a rather well-traveled Ooze.
However, he is about to go on the biggest trip of his life when the X-ranked adventurer Jeris Cowl takes the young Royal Ooze for special training far away in the mystical planes of the Aether, a land beyond mortality, where the Heavens and Hells clash and eldritch entities of primordial energy reign as gods over entire universes.
The Void watches, and seeks to subvert the hero chosen by Fate to stop it, however. It sends dark agents after Jelly, and he must decide what is more important: his mission, or his own desires?
Things are shifting in the Realm Beyond Realms, and events are coming ever closer to the brink. Can Jelly become a herald of Light, or will he fall into Darkness?



Ian Rodgers



Peter Kenny