Chronicles of a Royal Pet: Heroes Collide | Podium Audio

Royal Ooze Chronicles

Chronicles of a Royal Pet: Heroes Collide

Book 6

By: Ian Rodgers

Performed by: Peter Kenny

Released: September 08, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 44 min

Jelly has come to terms with two facts: one, having friends is hard, and two, trying to save Erafore with them may be a little bit harder to pull off.
Ever since he entered the Aether, things have changed for him. As a Chosen One, it is his duty to save his world from the cruel caress of the Void. Part of that duty is to fight alongside his fellow Chosen Ones, but can Jelly really handle the other two individuals the goddess Nia has selected to save Erafore?
He will need every ounce of cunning and strength he can scrounge up, though, because the forces of the Void will not tolerate this gathering of Chosen Ones, and will slay them if at all possible. His companions are Dora, a half-orc Healer who carries guilt and resentment about her life back home, and Gaelin, a nice guy wearing cursed armor, and who has a worrying hatred for birds.
Can the three of them survive each other?



Ian Rodgers



Peter Kenny