Claimed by Two | Podium Audio

Seeding Eden

Claimed by Two

Book 1

By: Aya Morningstar

Performed by: Heather Firth, Nick Cracknell

Released: October 18, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 50 min

One human woman. Two alien men. Lots and lots of babies.
I’ve never laid eyes on a man, not even in pictures. Eden is a woman’s world…a world no man has ever stepped foot on.
But then the Khetar arrive. They’re big alien men, in a big alien ship, with big alien d—
Let’s just say it’s a big problem, especially because High Command assigns me to operate the airlock for a diplomatic mission.
I make first contact with their king, their scion: Thuliak. One look into those burning teal eyes is all it takes. He’s the first and last man I ever need to see. A woman from Eden may never touch a man. To touch the male form is to become tainted. Thuliak taints me in that airlock with his eyes, then with his hands, and finally with his tongue.
Thuliak claims me as his own. He says he wants me to give him babies. There’s another problem though. The Khetar can’t breed like humans. For them, it takes three.
We need a third, my little human.
Tschenkar is a rival scion and Thuliak’s mortal enemy. Where Thuliak is noble and righteous, Tschenkar is vile, disgusting, perverted.
A scion’s claim is unshakable, and both men have claimed me. The only thing that drives the Khetar more than bloodlust is the need to breed, and if I can give them both the babies they want, it might just be enough to stop them from killing each other.



Aya Morningstar



Heather Firth



Nick Cracknell

Nick is based in the UK and has a deep and rich voice with a twang of Irish that can be accentuated. He is able to voice all accents from the British isles, from London to Scottish, Welsh and northern variations, as well as standard US, Australian and European accents from French and German to Scandinavian.  He has narrated over 60 audiobooks including Amanda Milo’s Stolen By An Alien series, Aya Morningstar’s Seeding Eden series, and a number of fantasy and paranormal titles, and is comfortable with just about anything thrown at him!