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Confessions Of A Hustla’s Daughter

Confessions of a Hustla’s Daughter 2

Book 2

By: Jahquel J.

Performed by: Katherine Dollison, Winston James

Released: October 03, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 49 min

Juleena doesn’t know who she can trust anymore.
She is truly in a battle of her heart over family. Who does she choose, and what does she do? Her brother has always been her right hand, someone she could trust with her life. When that changes, who can she truly depend on?
Sidney has always wanted love, and not the kind that Meech offered. When she finds out what her boyfriend has been up to, will she cut things off? Or will she turn a blind eye like she has in the past? She’s falling hard for Reem, but are things too good to be true? Sidney has fallen for the wrong man in the past, so is she making the same mistake twice? When Sidney finds out that Reem has his own fair share of secrets, will that end up being a deal breaker for her?



Jahquel J.



Katherine Dollison

_The voice of Katherine Dollison has been heard on such titles as Cubana, Amaryllis, and Daddy's House. She combines her childhood exposure to narcissism, toxic families, and seedy alternative lifestyles with her on-stage and on-camera experience in the entertainment industry. Originally from Los Angeles, Katherine is comfortable portraying a variety of ages, dialects, and psychological characteristics. Aside from her personal experiences with criminal behavior during her youth, she attributes her range to the diverse array of people she has encountered while working in the service industry. Katherine's embodiment of characters further makes you feel immersed in the story and brings to life all of the pain and emotion they are dealing with. In addition to her work on stage and screen, Katherine was a member of the City Garage Theater in Los Angeles. _



Winston James

Winston has been narrating books for a little over a year now. In his short time narrating he has amassed over 15 titles under his belt, as well as a 2022 Audie Nomination. He has narrated books in the genres of Romance, Erotica, Self-Help, Poetry, and Autobiographies. Winston is a classically trained actor and loves to spend his free time learning spanish and playing his guitar.